Apology Email For Customer Support

If you've screwed up, and you think your customers might leave you. This is the article for you. We'll show you exactly what you can do regain your customer's trust. Fix the situation. And potentially leave your relationship with your customer better than where it started.

A Simple Apology Email For Customer Service

Subject: We're Sorry
, I want to apologize for
sending you the wrong item in the mail
. Our team tries to offer the best service, but we failed this time. I realize we
might have costed you some time
and I’m very sorry. This was likely caused by
a recent migration from our old mailing system to the new one
, but, regardless, we should have handled this better. We’re aware of what happened and will take extra care in future. As an additional apology, we’re sending you
The right shipment through over-night shipping. You can keep the item we've mistakenly sent to you
. While we know it can’t exactly make up for the inconvenience we caused, we hope it’ll go some way towards making amends. Thank you for your patience. Let me know if I can help in any way. Best,

How To Write A Customer Apology Letter

1. Start With An Apology

You'll need to apologize and show remorse. Do it quickly without beating around the bush. Your goal is to re-establish trust and credibility. That's easiest done by being upfront.

2. State The Impact Of Your Mistake To Your Customer.

To drive your point home, and show the customer you can empathize with the pain you've caused. You'll need to describe what the effect of your mistake was to your customer.

Example"I realize this might have costed you an evening of frustration."

3. Explain How The Mistake Happened

Your customer doesn't usually need to know what's going on behind the scenes. When things went wrong, however, an explanation of how it happened is the best way you can reestablish trust quickly.

It's been shown by a well-known psychology study conducted by Ellan Langer at Harvard in 1978 that people are more easily persuaded when there's an underlying explanation to their reasoning. More on that study here. Simply backing your reasoning with just a tad bit of information is enough to be dramatically more persuasive.

Example"I realize this might have costed you an evening of frustration."

4. Offer Something In Return

Show that you mean it when you say that you're sorry this happened to your customer. Uber ran a study showing that their customers greatly appreciated it when Uber gave them small gifts as part of their apology. While customers didn't really care about the dollar value of the gift. A $10 gift of free credits, had the same effect as a $5 gift. Both where hugely more effective than sending the customer empty apologies.

Example"We'll attach a coupon code to this message that you can use to redeem anything under $10 for free next time you visit our online store."

Subject Line Alternatives

Here are subject lines you could use for crafting this email:

An Apology For Our Recent Issues
We're Sorry
Updates On Our The Recent Problems We've Faced
An Apology And How We're Going To Make It Right
We've Made A Mistake
Sorry About That!
I'd Like To Apologize

More Customer Support Email Samples

1. A Technical Apology Email

This sample lacks something that tries to make it right. Instead, it rebuilds credibility by being transparent about what went wrong, how it was fixed, and how it will be prevented from ever happening again.

Subject: An Update On Our Down-time Earlier This Week
, I'd like to personally apologize for
our recent down-time
. We strive to maintain the goal of
keeping our servers working 99.99% of the per month
, but
earlier this week, our servers where down for 8 hours straight
. The team and I are deeply sorry about what happened.
At 8:00 UTC Monday, we ran our regularly scheduled database back up on production database. Sadly, at the same exact moment, Our database was tasked with a large migration. The extra load activated our auto-remediation sytems which sadly made the problem worse and brough the whole system down.
We understand that this issue must have been frustrating to deal with on your side. Going forward,
We've disabled these auto-remediation policies, and we're going to check on each one of these policies by hand to ensure something like this can not cascade and cause the problems to worsen before returning them to production.

2. A Personal Customer Apology Email

If you want to apologize directly to a customer for some issue that affected only them. Look no further than this email sample.

Subject: I'd Like To Apologize
, I'd like to personally apologize for the recent frustations we must have caused you. Every day, our goal is to build the best experience for our customers, but
in these last few days
, we have failed you.
We recently had a team-member leave our team, and that had led to some key information falling through the cracks. As a result, the remaining members of our team didn't realize that one of the designs you commmisioned was never completed.
I can assure you, this will not happen again.
We've already sent you the completed design draft
, and
we'll update and retouch that draft at no extra cost.
By Shalom Yiblet
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